• Sapere built the software to power Seagate's CES 2012 award winning product. Click for more details
  • The Northwest Power and Conservation Council engaged Sapere in the evaluation of effectiveness of fisheries data collection technologies employed to support decision making in the Columbia River Basin. Click for more details
  • Sapere expands its capabilities in consulting for competitive energy businesses with the acquisition of Lands Energy. Click for more details
  • Sapere Consulting was selected to present a paper at Hydrovision 2013 in Denver. Click for more details
  • Sapere is looking for individuals interested in becoming exceptional consultants.
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We take great pride that our senior staff is industry-experienced. We provide knowledgeable and focused teams that deliver results. We combine varied backgrounds and areas of expertise to deliver client-specific solutions.

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We take pride in our ability to solve a broad spectrum of challenges for a diverse set of clients.  We are known for being responsive to changing client needs and focusing on results-oriented solutions. Learn More


We deliver solutions developed specifically to meet client needs.  We tackle client problems with creative approaches that leverage past experience, build upon industry best practices, and address real world constraints and challenges.

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