At Sapere we are focused on identifying candidates who are interested in becoming exceptional consultants. The base ingredients we require are intelligence, strong work ethic, desire to learn, excellent communication skills, and a willingness to travel. If you embody these characteristics we want to talk to you. Sapere offers benefits that exceed the norm. If Sapere sounds like the type of firm you would like to work for, please contact us to submit your qualifications:

Why Choose Sapere?

You will be one of a few. We hire a limited number of entry-level employees each year because we want to focus our attention on you. At Sapere you will never feel like you are “just a number”. You will work directly with Corporate Officers and Senior Consultants. You will develop knowledge and skills to support our core capabilities: business process analysis, decision engineering, organizational strategy, policy and regulatory analysis, product development and software design, and project management. You will work as part of client delivery teams across our Energy and Natural Resources, Telecommunications and Media, and Technology sectors interfacing directly with clients at high levels within their respective organizations.

Working For Sapere

Our work is demanding, intellectually stimulating, and rewarding. Our employees are smart, innovative, and have a strong, independent work ethic. It requires special talent to change the status quo. Candidates that join the Sapere team will find opportunities to learn and grow. Such opportunities vary from working on a telecommunications business operations launch in Chile, to integrating code development from a team in Belarus into a product prototype, to providing risk management advice for the development of LEED Platinum buildings. One thing is certain about working at Sapere: you will be challenged on a daily basis.

What it takes to succeed

Your career path and development will be tailored and personalized through discussions with Senior Consultants. You define your success and the speed and degree of your advancement. Expectations for numbers of years at each consulting level are not set. You are in control of your contribution to projects, the company, and your continued intellectual growth. The opportunities at Sapere are endless, and we are here to help you along the path you choose.

Mentorship and Development

We want you to succeed and have found the best way to do that is to foster an environment of open doors and accessibility. From your first day forward, you can expect lively discussions and opportunities to learn from the CEO to your co-worker in the office next door. Your co-workers bring a variety of educational experiences to the table, including degrees in engineering, economics, social and physical sciences, and business. Our internal training program provides new hires a foundation of knowledge on our core capabilities and tools. In addition to our training plan, we believe the best way to engage new hires is to offer them exposure to both our employees and our clients and allow them to build experience and develop versatility. We provide the opportunity for constant interaction with Senior Consultants and Corporate Officers, who are interested and focused on your growth and success. They will be an integral part of developing your career plan and will provide frequent feedback relevant to where you are in your career, suggesting how to improve and reach the next milestone. These informal mentorship relationships are key to your development as a consultant. Sapere also provides a more formal structure to guide career development via performance plans and periodic reviews of progress toward professional goals.